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January 21, 2010


So you’re doing some research on a company called Xyngular (pronounced Singular), I’m glad to see that your doing your due diligence! I want to start off by letting you know that this is a completely independent Xyngular review. I am in no way involved as a distributor with this company and have nothing to gain or lose if you decide to join or not, so I will give you the straight facts and answer some questions.

What or who is Xyngular anyway?  Is Xyngular a scam or is it a legitimate business opportunity? How much is it going to cost me to get involved with this company? Will I be able to make any money as a distributor? Should I join Xyngular? These are some important questions to ask yourself when you’re looking at any company to join.

The Company:

Xyngular, is another brand new juice company that just recently hit the market. Marc Walker, formerly the VP of International Operations for Xango, is president of Xyngular.

The company is based out of American Fort, Utah and was launched on December 1st, 2009. They have their product available for resale in Canada and the United States and are expecting to be released in as many as 36 countries in 2010.

The Products:

There is only one product that the company offers and it is what they call “Xyngular, A Super Fruit Global Blend nutritional supplement”, which consists of a blend of nutrient dense fruits, combined with primary antioxidant pre-cursors and herbal adaptogens. Supposedly, Xyngular is one of the better tasting juices out there according to the information I found, it is said to have won 37 out of 40 blind taste tests against Xango, Mona vie, Mandura and Tahitian Nori.  It is being hyped as the “hottest new beverage to hit the market.”

The Compensation Plan:

With the Xyngular Compensation Plan there are 5 ways to get paid:

1) Retail Profits

2) 8 levels of Residual Earnings

3) Four levels of Rapid Rewards

4) 12% Corporate Sales Pools for Leaders

5) Quick Start Bonuses

Xyngular uses a hybrid of a Binary and Uni-level Compensation Plan; which puts its distributors one straight down line. People are getting excited about this because those who signed up before you help build your business.  This sounds great, but like any real business you will have to work hard in order to make any real money, no one will build a complete business for you.

*Please refer to the company’s compensation plan for full details, it can be viewed on their website at Xyngular.com.

How much is it going to cost to get started?

As a distributor there are 4 ways to get started and each one has a Membership Fee of $19.95, above the cost of the product. You can get started with:

1 bottle for $34.95

1 Case (4 bottles) for $132.00

2 Cases (8 bottles) for $264.00

3 Cases (12 bottles) for $369.00

You must also sign up on an autoship program and reach certain volumes in order to qualify for parts of the compensation plan.  So it can cost anywhere from $54.90 to $415.95 to get started with Xyngular. (This does not include any shipping costs, marketing or advertising costs and website cost.)

So, is Xyngular a Scam?

No, Xyngular is not a scam they appear to be following the guidelines of the FTC regarding home based business opportunities and therefore are a legitimate company. The information I gathered was based off of their website and searching on the internet. If you have more questions give the company a call.

So can you make money with Xyngular?

Well that really depends on you and the amount of effort you put in and how you’re going to market yourself.  Most people in network marketing do not make a lot of money due to their lack of training, skills and personal ambition. If you work hard and market yourself properly you just might be able to make some money from this Xyngular opportunity.

Should you join Xyngular?

That is totally up to you.  If you believe in and like the product, have a great team that will help you, and like the compensation plan then you might want to consider joining.  I personally would not join the company because I see it as another “new Juice” company on the market and over the last few years there has been one juice company after another all claiming the same thing.  This causes distributors to get excited and jump ship for the amazing new product and compensation plan.  This is a personal choice and you can make up your own mind!

If you do decide to join the Xyngular opportunity I wish you the best! Make sure you put in the effort and learn to use Attraction Marketing to effectively grow your business if you want to achieve real success.

If you found this post helpful please share it with your friends.  I would like to get your feed back so please your comments below.  Have a great day!.

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4 Responses to “Xyngular Review”

  1. Joseph Fernandez Says:


  2. Kevin Drewlo Says:

    Hi Christien,

    Xyngular is a great company with some good products. I am glad to hear that they are working for your mom. I believe in using natural products instead of drugs to heal, so this is a good testimonial. With personal results like this a person doesn’t need to be a good sales person because your belief and enthusiasm for the products will come through when talking to people.

    If you do decide to join I wish you the best of luck! Remember it takes time to build a strong business. If you need help with learning how to generate leads or have any questions please feel free to ask me.


  3. Kevin Drewlo Says:

    Hi Brook,
    Yes it does work to make an income, you have to stay committed and put out some good content that will benefit people coming to your blog. If you have any other question please feel free to ask.

  4. Brook Childon Says:

    2010 has been a rough year for me so far. My only hope is that I can have a successful blog too to help pay the bills. Does this really work to make an income?

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